How to enhance your natural beauty

Do you follow a consistent cleansing routine?
Does your skin feeling tight or sensitive, and
do you worry about wrinkles? Do you need to
rebalance your skin and reduce shine? Do you want
a more even skin tone and to fade away dark spots?

Whatever your skin needs, Sensilis has the
perfect solution for you.

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What does your daily skin cleansing ritual involve?
I like to take my time and use specific productsIt's usually quite quick, I don't have much timeDon't use a specific cleanser
Do you exfoliate?
NeverOccasionallyOnce per week
What are you most concerned about right now?
Dehydration and tightnessLoss of radiance and signs of fatigueSagging and wrinklesLines and wrinklesDeep wrinklesDark spots and blemishesExcess oil and shineDryness and lack of nourishmentMy skin feels sensitive
What concerns you the most with regard to the eye contour?
I worry about under-eye bags and dark circlesFirst wrinkles or deep wrinklesVery dry skin around the eyes
How old are you?
Under 30Between 30 and 40Between 40 and 50 añosOver 50
What is your skin type?
Dry or very dry skinNormal or combination skinOily skin