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Sensilis Universe


the essence of harmony

I’m Sensilis.
I am the one who best understands the needs of women and makes them the perfect link between the three pillars of our essence:


Confidence, tranquility and quality in all manufacturing processes and in the choice of materials.


We found inspiration in the elements of nature to reaffirm and enhance the beauty of each woman.


We understand that the real beauty, the most seductive, is what is inside each woman.

#Soy Mujer.

sophisticated and seductive

I’m Sensilis.
Because I provide a sensory experience and create a direct link with each woman’s skin.
I am a reflection of the inner beauty of the woman, her femininity, her personality and the way
to understand their individuality.

Because that’s
The Sensilis Woman


I am the selective dermocosmetic expert

I’m Sensilis.
I am more than an expert brand in selective dermocosmetics.
I am a different way of conceiving beauty.
Because I am a brand in constant evolution that contributes
an integral solution to the woman of today.

To that woman who relies on the widest range of
Specific products:
the Sensilis woman.

At Dermofarm Laboratories we have been for more than 40 years
dedicated to the research and development of innovative formulas
based on natural components and produced under strict
parameters of the pharmaceutical industry.

i'm high tecnology

I’m Sensilis.
And I am much more than a laboratory:

  • Automated logistics center of more than 3,000 m2
  • Own R & D team and constant investment in the evolution
  • Rigorous quality controls with the collaboration of medical panels, hospitals and universities.

I am sustainable with the environment

I’m Sensilis.

  • We like natural ingredients, highly effective assets and fair trade.
  • We do not test on animals, but use alternative methods in vitro.
  • We manage recycling campaigns with different NGOs for the reuse of paper, plastics, batteries and tonners.
  • Thanks to our waste management, we favor the maintenance of up to 35,000 trees each year.


Toda una vida haciendo realidad
los sueños de miles de mujeres en todo
el mundo que cada día confían en Sensilis
para reafirmar su belleza más innata.

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